Serious production today is unthinkable without CAM-CAM technology, therefore we follow all the latest trends in the specified area, investing in new software and in the training of our CAD-CAM programmers.

By gaining CAD blueprints from customers, we are able to maximally optimise production and reduce non-working times in our CNC processing centres to a minimum, consequently reducing the price of the final product.

Manufacturing using CAD blueprints has another advantage. Communication concerning technical questions and eventual uncertainties or missing dimensions on blueprints become unnecessary between you the customers and client, and us the manufacturer is also reduced to a minimum, which again results in saving precious time and money.

In regard to CAD software, we use AUTOCAD, and plan in the next investment cycle to obtain the CAD software SOLID WORKS or SOLID EDGE.

When using CAM software, we most frequently use MASTERCAM but also ESPRIT.

This CAM software, our experienced CAD-CAM specialists and superb HERMLE 5-axis processing centre for lathing guarantees you a superior precision and the transformation of each of your even most complex design into reality in the shortest possible period.

The abilities of 5-axis 3D milling is another reason why to chose us as your partner for the production of parts using CNC-CAD-CAM technologies.

We are glad to assist and consult you if it is possible to simpler, easier and quicker develop certain parts, and that their functioning remains the same if not better.