Trained controllers, continual investment in measuring equipment, and a developed control and measuring process, guarantee superior quality at Elcon.

Our quality is proven by the fact that we our rated by our buyers as a class A quality supplier.

Since starting the production process for specimens, to its packaging and freighting to customers, our 3 employees in the control department, in cooperation with production employees, who are also trained in measuring and control, check the specimens in order to make sure that the tolerances are correct.

Precision production and control at Elcon up to 0.005 mm.

From measuring equipment in our air-conditioned control department,we would like to pointed out to:

  • 3D CMM DEA measuring device
  • 3-coordinate BROWN&SHARPE measuring device
  • Measuring projectors for exceptionally small parts with very high precision
  • Devices for measuring processing etc.

Since the company’s foundation, product quality and customer satisfaction have been the most important factors in Elcon’s business, and is supported by the fact that soon after the company’s foundation, the control department was established with investments carried out in a 3-coordinate measuring device, even though the company had less than 5 employees.

Quality at Elcon has always been and always remain number one!