Kanban and Consignment Warehousing

The most important competition factors on the market, along with quality, which is our imperative, are price and delivery deadlines. In order to be a step ahead of the competition, we offer KANBAN DELIVERIES AND CONSIGNMENT WAREHOUSES on our premises.

Kanban deliveries and consignment warehouses on our premises offer many advantages, amongst which are:
  • Cost reductions in paper work and administration.
  • Production of larger quantities resulting in lower production costs, and therefore the final production run.
  • No warehousing costs.
  • The ability to deliver on the requested day, and if necessary directly for assembly.
  • Continual quality control.

With all that has been said, consignment warehousing also reduces transportation costs, making it an ideal solution for reducing unnecessary costs.

If you have a better solution that appeals, contact our sales department, and we shall gladly pay attention to your desires, and adapt to them if possible.